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Leccata con inculata
Decido di accettare linvito di questa coppia, con lei bellissima, per leccarle la passerina, completamente depilata. Mi reco a casa loro, ma trovo solo lei, completamente nuda, solo con tacchi...
Sextons Family Life ... PART 1
(Please note: Any story written in dialogue is bound to
become scrambled because the quotes seem to get carried
over to the next sentence and even beyond a line break into
the next...
Bored housewife hussy and internet gentleman
Here I am, married for just a year, husband gone on buisness
for months at a time, and I've got a brand new computer.
I've become bored here by myself, so I decided to "log
on" to a...
how does a single guy get more replies and noticed?
My article is fairly simple and is more just a question:
"how does a single guy get serious responses from
females?" It seems no females are willing to take
notice to my add or repond....
The Respnse Issue
Guys, if you are not getting responses you need to do the
1. Use your hotlist.
2. Check their last date online. Why waste time and effort
on someone who...
Female orgasms
As of 2003 there are three known types of female orgasms,
Although most men and women think that there are only orgasms
by it self they are misinformed. Each orgasm is considered
Aparta el manto
Aparta el manto
Aparta el manto araa inmunda,
deja mi espritu vagar en paz,
no me aprisiones con esa tela,
pues no hay cadena que al alma ma la pueda atar.


no se ke titulo poner
Ke es lo ke me esta pasando,
mi mente se enturbia
de nuevas sensaciones,
estoy altamente descentrado
se puede querer, sin ser amado?
My bedroom window opens onto the backyard, where my neighbor
seems to be doing major construction work, so that in order
to get some peace and quiet and escape the hammers and...
Doing Shirleys mother!
Shirley and I had her "cherry breaking", 16th
birthday party, and when we got home late, her mother, Lilly,
said, I knew this would happen after she saw Shirleys satisfied
How can I talk my husband into it?
Hello, hope you can help? I am begging!!! I am a very sexual
person where my husband is more reserved. I have finally
talked him into a threesome with another female, but we
I don't seem to be alone here
Hello everyone,

I was just looking at a few of the group's posts and it seems that I may have some common interests here. To get right to it, I'm married and have a great family but...

Every Cloud
**********Chapter 1**********

Jake is lying stark naked in the center of a large bed. The
room is dark and the windows are open. The cool summer breeze
is causing his...

First Time Gay
I had just started a new job, and a co-worker I had been
friendly with invited me out for a beer after work one Friday. We had
a couple, and he remarked that he lived near-by and had some...
Kathryn's Awesome Breasts
I never thought we would be together - at least not in the
intimate way we eventually found ourselves. She was a long-time
girlfriend of one of my law school buddies. They had...
Re:Re: Picture Issue Is Driving Me Crazy!
That doesn't mean they have anything to hide. Most
will correspond with a person and seek a mental "chemistry"
first. If there's a psychological connection, then
it's only logical to...
On Controlling a Hot Construction Tool - Part 1
In the comfort of a nice hotel, you and I and another man meet.
Im wearing a dark suit and sunglasses; youre wearing
a simple dress and very little makeup; the other man is dressed
My First Gay experience with biggest i had ever seen
I am a Str8 man in my 30's attractive and in good shape I was
at cocktail party for work about a week ago and I happened
to meet this nice guy there. Now I never have been attracted
The First MMF Threesome.
The very first time I had a MMF threesome it was quite by accident.
My husband wanted to get some good action shots of us screwing
and I thought that this wasn't such a bad idea. I...
masturbarsi in treno
sono una gran frequentatrice di treni...per lavoro mi
sposto spesso e spesso conosco molte persone...
una volta ho conosciuto un uomo di 35 anni...attraente
nell'aspetto e nei modi...
Sexual Overload...
For it is only thoughts of you that can send shivers down
my spine.
It is actually being with you that blows my mind.
For it is in every way that you have control over me.
Owned by being a nice guy.
So I was down town the other day at a nice club. And I saw a sexy
older gal, i'm 25, she was about early-mid 30s, being
a wall flower. So I approached her and asked where her BF
was and...
i am just sitting here. it is about 2:10 p.m. i am remembering
24 hours ago.

it was a very cold afternoon, but i had you to keep me warm.
you held me tight, and i...

Stephanie's night of adventure!
As it turn out a wild night of sex and adventure.I had this
women telling me to tie her up so my mind was wondering if
i tied her up what would i do next.Well then a brilliant idea
Monterey threesome, fatasy of a lifetime
Every year may wife and I vacation down in Monterey California
in August when the annual car events are taking place. This
year was no different except I scraped up a few extra...
in the park
I was in the park with my ex girlfriend laura when we decided
to lay down on the grass after about 10 mins she decided to
start rubbing my balls she then undone my trousers and...
PASIN (Susana March)
Este oleaje denso de la sangre,
marca oscura y terrible!
No amor. Ansia de besar la tierra,
los rboles, el aire.

Soy una msica callada,

The Voyeur Next Door IV
(Sorry, interrupted a minute there)

I could smell Sue's sex from my perch and her the sounds
her pussy made as she slid a finger in and out.


anal for beginners part 2
As stated in my previous entry, i had a great experience
with anal while i was in jail, and after i got out, i got to
thinking about it again. every time i recalled it, the idea
got me...

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