My man to man fantasy

My wife and I have been in the swinging world for many years
and have had many contacts with couples and singles. More
recently we had been having some light B&D sessions.
My wife would be dominant and myself and whoever we met with
would be submissive. Over the internet we had met a single
male from another state who traveled to our city periodically
for business. We had met him several times and we were both
dominated by my wife. On several occasions she would dress
me in a garter belt and stockings and make me her little girl
slave and then use her strap-on on me to teach me how to be
a girl. While I had never tried bi, this was a turn-on, especially
in front of the other male slave. Recently we got a call from
our friend saying that he would be in town in two days and
checked to see if we could get together. My wife was going
out of town and I said it looked like the wrong time, but for
some reason I went ahead and said that if he was interested,
I could come over and see him one evening and he could use
me however he wanted. To my surprise, he said he would like
that and we set a time to meet.

As the time approached I alternated between excited and
worried that I wouldn't like this. But I showered,
shaved my cock and balls and put on my garter belt, stockings,
panties and bra under my street clothes and left the house.
When I got to his room, I joked that we would really miss my
wife and he would have to give the orders this evening. I
had brought my bag with some cuffs and straps and dildos
and asked him what he would like. First he told me to go ahead
and take off my clothes. He was surprised to see me already
dressed as his 'girlfriend'. I told him that I
would be happy to take him orally or anally - whatever he
wanted. Since he had a pretty large cock, I was really worried
that I couldn't take it in the ass, so I said that if he
wanted to use my ass, we would have to start with some of the
dildos to help stretch me out a little. He smiled and said
that I should put one of the butt plugs in and we would see
what would happen later.

He took off his clothes and cuffed my hands behind my back.
Then he put a neck collar on me and used a small cock ring on
the end of my cock and straped it tight to the neck collar.
So there I stood with my cock already big and stretched tight
along my stomach. He said that was doing well as a girl, but
that I needed to get on my knees and start to lick his cock
while he sat on the side of the bed. I did as I was told and I
could tell from his reactions that he was really liking
it. While I was excited, I was still unsure if I really liked
what I was doing, or worse, what I might be going to do. But
at that point, he told me that I was not doing too well and
got up and used the riding crop on my ass for a while. That
wasn't as much fun, but then he had me stand and used
the crop on my poor stretched cock. It hurt, but it made my
erection even harder.

Now he decided it was time to tie me to the in-room desk. He
bent me over it face down and tied my arms to the far desk legs
and tied my legs to the near ones. I was laying down on a very
hard cock which should have hurt, but I quickly forgot about
it when he took out the butt plug. I knew then that I had brought
this all on myself. He put on a condom and some lube and then
he eased himself into my rather small ass. It was a little
uncomfortable at first, but he pumped slowly until I got
used to it. He then fucked me at his speed for about five long
minutes. While I was hoping it would be over soon, he was
enjoying it and kept commenting on my tight ass and how I
was doing well at being a woman. He did not cum, but took his
cock out and put the butt plug back in my ass. Then he untied
me and took me to the bed. My cock was still hard and starting
to ache. But he ignored it and layed down on his back and had
me bend over him and start to to suck. He told me to keep sucking
and not to take my mouth off of his cock until he said I could.
So I used my hand and my mouth and brought him to the climax
that I knew was coming. I told myself just to swallow and
not think about what I was really doing. He finally came,
and he really came alot. I had to swallow several times,
but the slightly salty taste was not as bad as I had imagined.
He told me to keep licking him to make sure that every drop
was gone and he was clean.

He then cuffed my hands in front of me and told me to lay with
my head near his cock and to continue to play with it with
my hands. He talked about the experience and asked me how
many times I had been with a man. I told him that this was the
first and only time and I had offered it on a whim. He said
that I had done very well. He said that he had been with several
single males before in a variety of situations, but he enjoyed
the cross-dressing aspect of our get together, plus since
I was a virgin, he said I had a really tight ass. (I can tell
you that it wasn't feeling so tight right then.) As
we talked, I could feel my own cock, still not satisfied,
still stretching in the cock device. I also felt his cock
start to get hard again. Now feeling a little more self assured,
I got on my knees and started to suck his cock again. When
he was really hard again, I asked him to put on a condom and
lube it up. When he was ready and laying on the bed. I stradled
him and had him guide his cock into my ass. My hands we still
cuffed, so I needed his help to get into position. Once in,
I sat completely down on him, taking him in me as far as I could.
I then started to rock and pump and give him the type of fucking
that my wife gives to me when she is on top. This time, we both
really enjoyed the experience and after some time I climbed
off. I expected him to remove the condom and have me suck
him some more, but instead he took my cuffs off and had me
put on a condom. I was now a little more excited, since I thought
that I might get to have another first by taking my first
man. Instead, he had me stand in front of him while he sat
on the side of the bed and he started to suck me. Since I had
had the erection for well over an hour, it didn't take
very long for me to come inside the condom. I was feeling
really spent, but I could tell he was not finished yet. He
helped me remove the condom and started to be a little more
strict with me. He told me that I needed to remember that
I was still a girl and girls swallowed cum. He then proceeded
to have me empty my condom in my mouth. Again I was surprised.
He put me on my back on the bed and had me raise my legs and bend
the knees back towards my head. He used some cuffs and straps
to strap my hands to my legs in a fashion that would keep me
in that position. I soon learned that in this position he
could again put his still hard cock in my ass. While not very
comfortable, he told me to shut up while he satisfied himself.
He pumped for what seemed forever, until he finally came
again. He turned me over on my side but left me tied up, while
he went to clean up. After his shower he came back to the bed
and asked me how it felt to be his girl. I had a variety of feelings,
but I told him that it was really erotic. I didn't know
I had it in me. He told that I did well and as long as I behaved,
he wouldn't tell my wife on our next get together that
I was a gay little slut. He also said that sometime in the
future he would like to meet alone again and that I should
do it or again he would tell my wife. I really didn't
think I wanted to tell her about this episode, so I agreed.
He untied me and let me dress. He gave me a long kiss at the
door and I walked (with a very sore ass) to my car.

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